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Dr Sudipta Chakrabarti

Principal Glial And Neuronal Cell Signaling in Obesity... View Profile

Dr Anulina Manna

Assistant Professor Crop Biotechnology, Plant Molecular Biology, Genet... View Profile

Mr Kamalendu De

Assistant Professor Phycology- Especially Biomolecules Analysis Protei... View Profile

Mr Joydeep Das

Assistant Professor Aquatic entomology, Biomonitoring Score, Biodivers... View Profile

Dr Monjit Paul

Assistant Professor Fisheries Science, Zoology, Parasitology, Aquatic ... View Profile

Dr Alokesh Roy

Assistant Professor Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Plant Natural Prod... View Profile

Dr Soumitra Pal

Assistant Professor Plant-Pollinator Interaction, Pollination And Plan... View Profile

Ms Madhumita Dubey

Assistant Professor Fishery & Aquaculture,Ecology,Animal Physiology... View Profile

Mr Sudip Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Genetics And Plant Breeding... View Profile

Dr Sangita Maitidutta

Assistant Professor Environmental Biology, Molecular Toxicology,Drug M... View Profile

Mr Tuhin Khaddar

Assistant Professor Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Somanka Sanyal

Assistant Professor Classical Zoology, Ecology, Entomology... View Profile

Mr Biswanath Sardar

Technical Assistant Agriculture... View Profile

Mr Surendra Patra

Technical Assistant Botany... View Profile